Monday, March 21, 2016

Hammer and Chisel is Here!

Join Teresa and Myself in Our Hammer and Chisel Workout Group! (See Below)

The most well thought out Workout and Nutrition Combination you'll ever want to try!

What is The Master's Hammer and Chisel?

If you've ever wanted to craft a defined, visually dramatic physique—the kind of body you're proud to show off—The Master's Hammer and Chisel delivers breathtaking, body-changing results in as little as 60 days. Trainers Sagi Kalev and Autumn Calabrese are sought-after experts at sculpting spectacular physiques—and they have shelves of competition prizes to prove it! Now, for the first time, they're collaborating and sharing their winning strategies with you, so you can finally build a stunning, ripped physique. 
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Join Our Workout Group! 
Have fun and get into shape with Teresa and Myself!
What are the commitments for The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Challenge Group?
• Workouts are 30–40 minutes per day (6 days a week) • Take photos and measurements on Days 1 and 60 • Follow the eating plan in your Program and Nutrition Guide and use your containers • Follow the 60-Day Calendar • Commit to 60 days • Drink Shakeology® daily • Interact with your Coach and Group on Facebook®; share how you’re feeling and encourage others to reach their goals • Equipment needs: dumbbells of various weights appropriate to your strength and fitness level, a bench OR stability ball, and a chin-up bar OR resistance band with a door attachment. 
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