Saturday, August 30, 2014

P90 is HERE!!

Is that me squaring off with Tony Horton?, No Way! That's Tony and I showing some moves that you'll see in the NEW P90 !!!!! P90 is a 6 day a week program that starts out with only 25 minutes of workouts and slowly advances as you progress forward.Check out more details about P90 at this link! 

The fall of 2014 brings an awesome workout program with it!  P90 is designed to bridge the gap for everyone not ready to tackle extreme workout programs! How do I know this?, I had the privileged to be a part of it! Don't take my word on it, read what Tony Horton has to say about it!

Before P90X®, there was a revolutionary weight loss and body transformation program that started it all—Power 90®. Now featuring redesigned, cutting-edge routines, welcome to Power 90 reimagined . . . the NEW P90® workout.

"Here's something you thought I'd never say . . .

Hardcore workouts aren't for everybody. I mean, what if you just want to lose 20 pounds? Or get back some of the muscle tone you had in college. Maybe you just want to get out of bed in the morning without a backache. For that all you need is something straightforward. Fundamental. Doable.

That's why I created the NEW P90 workout.

Whether you used to be in shape and feel fitness has now passed you by, or you've never worked out a day in your life, my P90 workout is your easy-to-follow way to lose substantial weight, have the energy to run and play with your kids, and feel better in everything you do—without the agony of high-intensity exercise.

P90 is the result of everything I've learned in 20 years.

Here's the key . . . In as little as 25 minutes a day, P90 will help you completely change your body—not by working you harder—but by keeping it simple. Simple cardio. Simple resistance training. A simple approach to portion control. I won't say these new workouts are easy . . . but they're a whole lot easier to get done now. And that's how P90 will help you finally get the body you want."
—Tony HortonCreator of P90X®, P90X2®, and P90X3®
now brings you the NEW P90® workout.
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#testosterone #menopause #mgl #ts #teamsuccession #rippedabs #fitbody

Monday, August 25, 2014

When I started this journey I would never of dreamed how hard I would have to fight to make a statement and to be an example to so many people who think that they could ever reach their dreams.  One of the things that has stuck out in my mind is that if you truly want to reach your goals you have to give every ounce of your being to believing in yourself.  See, I have struggled my entire life in truly believing in myself.  What I mean by this is that I have always been a positive person and done new things to engage myself but I have never set such a high goal in myself because I didn’t believe it was possible.  Planning out my goals and learning to take one day at a time, one workout at a time, one meal at a time and each day never giving less than 100%.    Sure, it has been very hard and there have been days that I have cried and said, “Is this worth it?”  What I have had to do is talk to myself and remind myself of the big picture and the impact that I may make on so many people who have always given up. Watch my video and see my journey as I compete in my very first Body Building Competition.

#testosterone #menopause #mgl #ts #teamsuccession #rippedabs #fitbody

Monday, August 4, 2014

Defining Your Passion

So many people I talk to are not happy with their lives. Recently this happened in a discussion with a friend and I made a point to ask what would make him happy? The answer is almost always the same, he wanted to make a living doing something he loved to do. When asked why he wasn't living that life he replied, "Circumstances and timing has forced me into the situation that I am in today. My friend paused for a moment and then looked me in the eye and said, "Weren't you afraid of losing everything when taking such big risks?"  I replied, "I was more afraid not to take action against my fears for that they might come true!" 
So take a quiet moment to think about where you are and if you want to continue the path your on or is it time to go outside of your comfort zone and follow your passion.