Monday, September 15, 2014

Realizing the Circle of Life.

As I sit here working on my coaching business I see my reflection in my laptop.  I realize I am now looking at a face that has been weathered from the years of hard work and struggle. I then start to recall all the memories and accomplishments in my life. Yes I am getting older at a much more rapid pace now but it seems as though I still have much to achieve.
I remember when I was young it was about getting rich and famous! When I got married and had children it was all about spending as much quality time with Teresa, Josh, and Courtney as I could while building a business. As the children got older we taught them that no one should ever limit their hopes of accomplishments and dreams. "Never give up!" I would always say! Plan, execute and follow thru is the key to success. When our children grew up and became successful I realized I had just witnessed the circle of life. Now it's Teresa and I and all I want to do is somehow give as much of me to her as I can. She taught me how to open my heart, how to love, how to forgive and most of all she taught me that life is lonely when it's only about yourself.
So now my father has been brought back into my life. It is such a bittersweet moment in time for me. The many years of memories that could have been are lost forever and cannot be replaced. I am now living in the moment and am doing my best to create and harness all the memories I can with him.
I wonder why God has blessed me with so many people standing beside me and supporting my ambitions. I am not ready to slow down. My face may be weathered and tired but it does not reflect my passions for life. Never give up is what I taught my children. Never giving up is my way of life. I will continue to work hard, I will keep striving for my goals, and I will never quit.
What have I learned throughout the years? These are the things that come to mind; 1.) Life gives back only if you open your heart to others. 2.) Treat people with respect. 3.) Give as much of yourself to the ones you love. 4.) Trust in yourself to make the right decisions. 5.) Finally and MOST IMPORTANT, TRUST IN GOD! Give your worries and sorrows away to God. You only have one life to live. Remember this, life will come and go no matter how you live it. Do what is necessary now to create happiness for the future. When I leave this earth I want to know that I did all I could have done to change lives and create happiness for others. Happiness cures many things.
What would I do if I could change my profession? I would want to be a Doctor of Happiness.
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