Wednesday, October 8, 2014

P90 Workout!

Look for me in the NEW P90 !
My name is Terry Spencer. My life is all about God, Family, and Friends.
I spend a lot of time as a President/CEO of four companies.
I have been thru the P90X workouts. I am in the NEW P90 Workout Video! Here is Tony Horton and I demonstrating some new moves in P90 !
Today I have helped many men get rid of the belly fat and get their confidence back! I had done it and knew with my help they could do it too. My latest online workout group lost 32 to 47 lbs in 90 days!! True Story!!
But for now back to my story.
Because of my busy schedule I did the inevitable, I neglected myself. One day I woke up and found myself overweight, out of shape, and surprised that I had let this happen. I was also getting a different opinion of myself.
The first thing that goes thru your mind is this how in the world (if at all) can I get back in shape?
I was disappointed in myself. I was mad at myself. I had always been in great shape. Now, all of a sudden I look in the mirror and something had crept up on me. I was still the same person on the inside but on the outside I had changed and it was now affecting me. It was time to make a change. I knew that if I kept doing the same things, I would get the same results over and over again! That’s when my son Josh convinced me to try P90X which he had already done and gotten incredible results. The rest is history! Watch my video and you will see what I’ve accomplished!

My name is Terry Spencer. My life is all about God, Family, and Friends. Here is my transformation!This video is my P90X followup progress for two years!

My Story about getting old , out of shape , and gaining weight . What I did to turn it all around.

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