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L-Glutimine Benefits for Women

Benefits for Women

20 Jan 2014   |

Glutamine is one of the most common and abundant amino acids in standard foods, but having a supplement can sometimes be useful if you have a deficiency or are facing one of the many problems that it corrects. While the benefits are largely the same for men and women, this will focus solely on the Glutamine benefits for women and what you can expect when taking a glutamine supplement. If you have cancer, then you might be surprised that glutamine can be effective in easing certain symptoms.

Metabolic Benefits

How Much L-Glutamine Should Women Take?Glutamine is an essential amino acid when it comes to basic metabolic processes.Glutamine health benefits are easy to understand if you are trying to keep your weight in check.  For example, it helps to regulate the body’s pH levels. If you recently had a lot of fried or acidic foods, then glutamine will help you get back in order. It’s also needed for proper cellular functioning. Cells can break down if they don’t get enough of this amino acid, which can cause oxidative stress and other problems.
Another metabolic benefit is that glutamine regulates glucose in the blood, and it also can be converted directly to glucose when needed. This means that it can help you get a better workout, which is perfect for those with fatigue or overall lack of energy.

The Benefits of L-Glutamine for Weight Loss

This amino acid will also help you lose weight and build lean muscle, but in an indirect way. The glutamine itself doesn’t metabolize fat or regulate muscle growth, but the benefits of L-Glutamine for weight loss are its ability to help your body produce and use human growth hormone. Having proper levels of this hormone will help reduce your weight.

Digestive System Benefits

Ulcers can be a major problem for people with chronic stress. Studies have show that glutamine reduces your risk for peptic ulcers by protecting the lining of the intestines. Not only that, but this can be beneficial if you are taking certain medications that have painful side effects because it will protect the intestines from the harmful elements of the medication.
There are other studies showing that glutamine will act as a quarantining force. If bacteria gets into the intestines, then glutamine will keep it there so that it doesn’t affect the other organs. This not only boosts your digestive system, but it will also improve your immune system at the same time.

Nervous System Benefits

This might technically be a digestive system benefit, but it really helps the brain and nerves. Many of the foods you eat, and some of the air you breathe, will have trace amounts of ammonia. This chemical isn’t deadly in very small amounts, but the problem is that the body has a hard time getting rid of it. This allows the ammonia to build and cause real damage to your nervous system.
Glutamine has been shown to help clear ammonia from the body, which will help you think faster and better.

Chemotherapy Benefits

Glutamine benefits for women assist those who are currently undergoing or preparing for treatment for breast cancer or any other type of cancer.  Normally, you need chemotherapy to get rid of the tumors. While this is currently the best treatment for cancer, it often causes a  number of side effects from fatigue to hair loss and any relief of these symptoms eases the discomfort.
Glutamine won’t ease all of these side effects, but it will help with a few of them. It can alleviate the swelling and soreness inside of the mouth. This is especially true if you are deficient. Some studies have shown that it can help reduce the muscle and joint pain caused by chemotherapy, but these studies aren’t quite as conclusive.

Conclusion – Glutamine Health Benefits

If you want to lose weight and have healthier organs, then glutamine is a necessary part of your diet. While you can typically get it from poultry, red meat and certain vegetables,glutamine health benefits might be a good area to focus upon if you don’t eat much protein or if you’re having a hard time absorbing it from food.

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