Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Journey to your Dreams

http://rippedabsnow.com/join-team-succession/registration-for-team-succession/Many Americans dream of starting their own business. What starts as a dream very often ends as a nightmare. The fact is, starting you own business takes a series of many commitments. Many times the thought of owning your own business is closely followed with the thought of the good life. Big homes, plenty of money, and all of the comforts of life are all part of the dream. In reality, the opposite will probably happen. Why the negative comments and thoughts? I mention these things because in many cases this is true. Why you ask? Failure in new business start-ups happen for many reasons. I will name a few facts why failure in most cases result from new start-ups. Poor planning is a very common occurrence in the failure of a new business. The lack of follow thru and consistency are also a common reason of failure. The thought of  having your own business is great until you actually have to live the life of a business owner on a day to day basis. Having what it takes may not be enough! The system, cash flow, employee problems, rent, loans, insurance, and other expenses could very well destroy your dreams before you have the chance to take your business to the successful or profitable stage. Then why even try you ask? Because with the correct thought process you can make your dreams come true. As a multiple business owner I am here to tell you that it can be done. How you do it is the key. You must eliminate all of the things that will eventually be you demise. Solving this challenge is simply done by finding an idea that minimizes or eliminates the major destroyers. The destroyers mentioned above are all necessities right? Some are and some aren't! Finding the business that minimizes or eliminates most of the destroyers will bring the success you dream of having. If you have interest in talking to me, sign up in the pop up box. This isn't a gimmick and contacting me cost you nothing but your time. It is my way of trying to help someone increase their odds of success. Life is short and you don't want to spend most of it trying to recover from something you could have eliminated. I will ask you a series of questions that will help you find out if you have what it takes. Take the time to do it the right way.

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