Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sharing the Success

It’s so important to find someone who believes and supports what you do. Fitness happens to be a big part of my life. My wife Teresa also realizes the importance of being healthy. Fitness brings a better quality of life. Life is here once for you and me. Let your health take a leading role in the quality of your life. Having all the success in the world will not bring you enjoyment if you are not healthy enough to enjoy it. Take care of yourself and then take care of your business! What's my drive? I sum it up with this to my wife.   

"She doesn’t believe me when I tell her. She doesn’t know why I am so driven. She doesn’t believe she’s that important to me. If she only knew how simple it really is. If she could just know that all my work, passion, and the relentless way I push myself has been rewarded with what Is in this picture. It’s the smile. That’s right, that smile that says so much. All these things I do, I do for that smile. It is that simple.
 You may already know your "why" but don't know how to achieve it. If that is where you are at, I can help. Respond to the contact box at the bottom right and we will talk.

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