Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Reach Out

Life is short. I am 54 years old and I have learned one very important thing about the life we live. I have learned that many people don’t have the privilege in life that others have. What that means is that a lot of people may not have been given the same start in life as some others may have been given. Or maybe a turn of events in their lives that have taken them to an ultimate low. I have found that many people need help, guidance, and a chance at a better life.  We own a company that does house cleanouts. We get many good items from these jobs. We said that if we grow as a company we would give back. We could make a lot of money selling the majority of these items, but we made the promise to give items to people that are in need. The first time I met a family to give items to was one of the most impactful moments of my life, I would like to share it with you. The family pulled up in an old pickup truck pulling an old flat trailer. As we loaded the truck and trailer with items that they needed badly they seemed very cautious. As I asked what was the most important things they needed they replied by saying that anything will help. I ask what about beds? Do you have enough beds for you and the kids? They replied by saying, we have not slept in a bed in over a year. As my expression froze I was taken back and everything in my life took a difference prospective. As they were ready to leave the father asked what he owed? I told him he did not owe anything. He shed a tear and said may #God bless you and thanked me. As he drove away and waved his eyes still damp from the tears, I realized I would never be the same.
Why am I telling this story? Because I believe that one of the most important things in life is to help others.  The importance of helping someone change the path they have traveled for a long time is monumental. Many people want to change the way they have been living their lives. But because they have no guidance on how to do it, they continue to do the same things everyday and get the same results everyday. Give back to those who have never felt the feeling of accomplishing things. We can give them hope. Not many people are willing to help others. If you found yourself in a very tough situation, wouldn't you want someone to reach out to you and give you a chance at a better life? My Father-n-Law whom we lost to cancer, always taught me the importance of family, dignity, giving, honesty, and opening you heart to others. I will always try to live up to that philosophy. If you have the #opportunity to help someone, reach deep and do it. I promise you will find a place in you heart that will come alive. There is no amount of money that can give you that feeling. Set your own #goal to make a difference in some ones life. Reach out and pull someone up.
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